LA OPERA Education and Community Programs

I work for the Los Angeles Opera as a teaching artist on elementary and secondary in-school residency projects, staging students in full-scale youth opera productions alongside professional singers. Find out more about LA Opera’s amazing outreach programs.



Like most residents of Los Angeles, I've attended more ridiculous auditions than I care to recall. Unlike most others, my passion aligns with classical theater, movement, and dance rather than cinematic stardom. This has allowed me to immerse myself in Shakespeare and Wagner, to wear insane masks and costumes, and to share a stage with Placído Domingo. Enjoy the silly photos below... you’re welcome.

Photo by fzant/iStock / Getty Images

Past Lives

Once upon a time, I was a DGA Trainee (an apprentice member of the Directors Guild of America), then a full-fledged assistant director working in the production trenches of the entertainment industry. This was by far the most exciting and exhausting job I have ever held, and involved rotating through film and television projects like ALIAS, Gilmore Girls, Freaky Friday, and Arrested Development. Check out my mostly complete IMDB page.

Oh, and before all that I had yet another chapter, a stint in corporate America working for companies like Ann Taylor and Nestle after receiving a BA from UNC Chapel Hill and MBA from UT Austin, because I only study in the finest college towns.